Mira Feb. 2001
ISBN: 1551667908 - Paperback
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth, MyShelf.Com
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When Ike Grantham paid his graphic designing bill, Tess Haviland had no idea he would give her a run-down carriage house on Boston's north shore instead of cash. Now the tax bill is due, Ike has vanished, and she needs to decide whether to keep the house or sell it. Tess hears rumors that the house is haunted, but she is willing to find out for herself. Prepared for the worst, she is taken by surprise when she discovers a human skeleton in the cellar. Tess finds herself relying on next-door neighbor Andrew Thorne, his six-year-old daughter, Dolly and Andrew's cousin Harley for help when the skeleton suddenly vanishes before the police arrive. Time may be running out, the killer wants Tess silenced before the truth comes out. 

Carla Neggers delivers another superb story of romance and suspense. While I did not find the mystery difficult to solve, my attention was turned away from the mystery to the budding romance between Tess and Andrew and the interactions between Dolly and her Uncle Harley. Tess's stubborn pride and Andrew's easygoing nature added a complexity to their romance and I found myself rapidly turning pages in anticipation of their union. Harley's gruff attitude towards the other characters added a touch of humor in the right places. Dolly's childlike innocence added a refreshing lightness in the right places, especially towards the ending. All the character traits and actions combined together into a wonderful tale. 

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