Chasing Horses by Christy Tillery French
PublishAmerica, Inc. March 2001
ISBN: 1588512592 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance - for e xplicit content

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Cherokee England ("Ricki") is a member of a support group called "Women Aware and Responsive (WAR)," for women who have problematic relationships. WAR attempts to right acts against women and minorities.

Ricki and her two closest friends, Melanie and Charlie, form a vigilante group which actively addresses wrongs that WAR does not. In the pursuit of their endeavors they become involved in various situations, some of which are very hilarious. There are many humorous escapades involving the three women which provoke many laughs from the reader.

Ricki is recently divorced and is still in love with her ex-husband. However she becomes involved with homicide detective named Sam Arnold. Ricki is striving to find a life for herself and she wants to live life to its fullest.

The story is well-told. The relationship between Ricki and her best friend, Charlie, is well-developed. The style of the book is fast-paced. The dialogue between the characters is breezy and witty and is written in a way that sounds conversational and real. The issues that WAR addresses are real and they are treated in-depth and with understanding. There's quite a bit of sex in the book, both conversational and physical.

It is an engaging story and is a delight to read.

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