Signet - 2000 
ISBN: 0451200489 - Paperback
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Mary Lynn, MyShelf.Com
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 Lieutenant Lee Grafton has been a police officer for nearly twenty years. He's good at his job. He's determined to take down a local drug dealer for murder. He's confident that the drug sting he's about to head will come off without a hitch.

Carol Taggart's life hasn't always been easy, but the art instructor is finally starting to come to terms with herself, her ex-husband, and life in general; but her life will never be the same after her early morning close encounter with Lee Grafton . 

Ms. Kitt's writing is effective and powerful.  She has a wonderful ability to craft three-dimensional characters. While reading Close Encounters I felt as if I were walking the proverbial mile in each person's shoes from the two main protagonists down to the secondary players. Although I did find that Carol's attitude towards Lee stretched credulity a tiny bit, it wasn't enough to dull my enjoyment of this book.  I found myself savoring each encounter between Lee and Carol. 

 Wanting to race on to the end of the scene while at the same time longing to make each encounter last as long as possible.  That pretty much sums up how I felt about this book.  I couldn't stop reading and yet dreaded reaching the end.  This, like Ms. Kitt's The Color of Love, is a book I will not only keep, but reread frequently. 
I eagerly await Ms. Kitt's next novel. 

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