CLUES TO LOVE by Nancy Madison 
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Romantic Mystery

Reviewed by Mary Lynn, MyShelf.Com

Kate Stanhope, the owner of the upscale King's Grant Hotel in Cumbria, England is dismayed when her grand opening is spoiled by the death of one of her guests.  Her dismay turns to fear when the Inspector in charge, Nick Conner, informs her that the death was in fact murder.  And that Kate herself might have been the target.  Soon another man is murdered and Kate begins to receive crank calls.  Can Kate trust her heart and her safety to the handsome Detective Chief Inspector Conner? 

Ms. Madison has a graceful writing style that enabled her to craft a novel that is a blend of romance and suspense.  Clues to Love is rich is descriptive detail, allowing readers to feel as if they're actually walking the paths of the Lake District.  And while I enjoyed the slowly unfolding love story,  I  was disappointed to find the mystery of who done it and why they done it revealed so early in the plot.  Still, readers who enjoy novels set in England, will find Clues To Love a pleasant read. 

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