Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN: 1582006342 - eBook
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, 

Kate Douglas has produced another winner with COWBOY IN MY POCKET. The plot and the characters will draw you in like a fly to a spider web. You will quickly become entangled in the many exciting adventures awaiting you throughout this novel.

Romance author Michelle Garrison is crushed when her latest novel is rejected due to inaccuracies of western lifestyles. She makes a reservation at Columbine Camp, a local dude ranch, to research her subject. Unfortunately on the way to the ranch, her car crashes. Miraculously she is unharmed -- or so she thinks. The first person to pull over with an offer of help seems to recognize her and proceeds to inform her that she is late for her wedding to Tag Martin. Tag Martin? Who is Tag Martin? As a matter of fact, who is she? She seems to have no memory. Suddenly a name pops into her head -- Lee Stetson. That must be her name then. Or is it?

Taggart 'Tag' Martin has got to find a bride right away. The deed to his ranch, the Double Eagle, depends upon it. His Grandmother has threatened to deed the ranch to charity if he isn't married before he turns forty. He decides to buy a bride, and he does not intend to reveal this fact to his Grandmother. When he meets his intended, 'Lee Stetson', Tag is unaware of the mystery surrounding her or that she possesses the power to turn his life upside down. That marriage of convenience may just end up being the glue that brings two unwitting people together to find their heart's desire.

Kate Douglas has penned a witty yet poignant tale with COWBOY IN MY POCKET. Be sure to add this latest novel by Kate Douglas to your library of 'must reads'.

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