COWGIRL BE MINE by Elaine Nichols
Special Edition, No. 1428, A Woman's Way
Silhouette - October 2001
ISBN: 0373244282 - Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, Myshelf.Com
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Six seconds . . . that is all the time it had taken for Mandy Thomson's life to be turned upside down. The last face she remembered seeing was the man she had left her heart with ten years ago, Jake Miller. Suddenly she is involved in a freak rodeo accident that results in her right leg being amputated. Faced with the painful recovery of trying to adjust to the countless changes her disability presents she is unprepared for her building feelings for Jake. Will she have what it takes to win back her dream of going back to the rodeo? Or will her path lead to something she never anticipated?

Jake Miller had loved Mandy Thomson ever since he was nineteen years old. It had been ten years since Mandy walked out of his life by choosing the rodeo over the love he offered her. Learning Mandy will be present at a local rodeo he decides to go and say a last final farewell. He is unprepared to see Mandy involved in a horrific accident. Being by her side as the paramedics rescue her still form from underneath a lifeless bull makes him realize his love still holds strong. Intent on aiding Mandy in her recovery he offers her a safe haven until she is able to cope with her dilemma. Having Mandy under the same roof heightens his awareness for all that he lost. Will he have a second chance at love or will he lose his heart completely to a woman married to the rodeo?

Elaine Nichols COWGIRL BE MINE captures readers attention from page one. With descriptive language readers will be able to experience the pain and suffering of the heroine. With elements such as heartwarming, highly emotional and powerfully uplifting you cannot afford to miss out on this one.

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