Silhouette Romance No. 1470
Silhouette - September 2000
ISBN: 0373194706 - Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.Com
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In one week, U.S. Marine Curt Blackwell's life has been turned upside down. It starts when he receives his doctor's prognosis that the leg wound he suffered in Bosnia will restrict him from active duty, and force him to be chained to an office position. Then, three days later he finds out that he is the father of Blue, an adorable three-year-old that he never knew existed. Determined to see that his mission of caring for his daughter is successful, he enlists the help of preschool teacher Jessie Moore to instruct him in "Daddy Boot Camp". What is it about Jessie that seems so familiar?

It has been twelve years since Jessie Moore last saw Curt Blackwell. This is the one man who captured her heart, after she freely surrendered her virginity one fateful night. The memories of his rejection the next morning still burn in her heart. Now he is back, and he needs her help. Will she be able to set aside the past to seek out what the future has in store for her?

In reading Cathie Linz's DADDY IN DRESS BLUES, I found myself thoroughly entertained. I was amazed at her ability to combine so many emotions in one novel. I found myself laughing out loud one moment and reaching for a Kleenex the next. Her wonderful writing style is unique and her writing, a pure joy to read.

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