DARK TORMENT by Karen Robards
Warner Books - March 2001
ISBN: 0446306185 - Paperback
Historical romance / 1838, Melbourne Australia
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Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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She saved his life. She purchased his freedom. Could she win his heart?

At the age of twenty-two, Sarah Markham is highly unlikely to receive any offers of marriage because of her plain exterior. She is mortified when she stumbles upon the brutal flogging of convict Dominic Gallaher. Realizing that she alone holds the key to his survival, she ultimately makes the decision to intervene and stop the savage beating. She then enlists the aid of her father to purchase Dominic's freedom.

Life has hardened his heart . . . Fate has torn at his soul . . .Can one woman shed light on his dark future?

Dominic Gallaher was convicted to serve fifteen years for robbery. A reclusive troublemaker, he finds himself the unlucky recipient of 200 deadly lashes. He is surprised, however, by the plain spinster, Sarah Markham, who spares his life. Having purchased his freedom, she now "owns" him. Could she be the one person capable of taming the dark demons that have taken hold of his savage heart?

Karen Robards' descriptive words flow effortlessly off the pages. With highly enriched passages, smoothly enhanced dialogue, and a superb plot, this story will carry you away to a lush, primitive land. I found myself dreading the last page because I knew it meant that my pleasurable journey had come to an end. This one comes highly recommended -- WARNING: Be prepared to read in one sitting.

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