THE DEFIANT HERO by Suzanne Brockmann
Ballantine - 2001
ISBN: 0804119538 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Renee Wampler,
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Who would you turn to if your daughter and grandmother were taken hostage by a group of extremists?  For Meg Moore she knew who to turn to for help.  The terrorists have made it clear to her that she is to bring them the Foreign Ambassador, Osman Razeen, in exchange for her grandmother (Eve) and her daughter (Amy).  While in captivity, Eve keeps Amy calm by reminiscing on her  younger years when she met the love of her life at an early age of 15.  Eve met Ralph during World War II and contributed her time and energy in helping the soldiers stay alive.

The characters are very realistic.  Meg is a mother worried about her child's life but meanwhile battles her own feelings for John Nilsson. She has a hard time trusting people since her husband had betrayed her manytimes.  John Nilsson is a Navy Seal that Meg asks for help.  Since Meg's husband died,  John has nothing standing in his way of a possible future with her.  I felt Meg's worry through the story. One cannot imagine losing a child. This is an interesting story of adventure, romance and a dangerous edge with more than two lives hanging in the balance.

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