DESTINY by Maggie Shayne 
Jove - 2001
ISBN: 0515130133 - Paperback
Paranormal -  Magic

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore,
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An immortal high witch, Nidibah has lived for thousands of years, with the last few centuries being in a state of suspended animation after she is captured by a Dark Witch and her heart is used to sustain his immortality. Now free, she turns up at a hospital where she is found by Nathan King, the man who loved and lost her 4500 years ago. Then, she was a priestess with a mysterious past and strange powers while he was the king's heir, bound to choose duty over love. Tragedy tears them apart, and in the present, Nidiba finds it hard to love and trust again.

Yet, she must, because the wife Nathan chose for duty's sake became an immortal also, a dark one who nourishes her life by stealing from others. She has pursued her rival for all of these centuries, and only together can Nathan and Nidiba hope to defeat her.

Constant flashbacks to the hero and heroine's first lives were slightly distracting to me, but Maggie Shayne is always a winner. This is a book to appeal to both historical and contemporary lovers, as well as paranormal fans. The late addition of characters from her prior Infinity is also a welcome touch.

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