DEVIL IN THE DARK by Evelyn Rogers
Love Spell - Jan 2001
ISBN: 0505524074 - Paperback
Historical Romance  

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Evelyn Rogers DEVIL IN THE DARK can be compared to an artist with a brush. She paints a masterpiece with her broad, descriptive writing talent. It actually enables the reader to see each scene as it unfolds right before their very eyes. A very powerful Gothic romance which has all the elements to compete against other classic, well-known Gothic legends.

Gideon Blackthorne, Duke of Ravenswood, is a man of dark mystery. His eyes reveal the injustices life has forced him to endure. Nicknamed by townspeople as the "Devil Duke," he lives up to that name by taking midnight rides to escape his tormented soul.

On one of his haphazard rides he meets his new neighbor, Lucinda Fairfax. In her he sees the one person who can save his soul from the demons which plague his body.

Lucinda Fairfax, abandoned by her father at the young age of five, seeks to claim her inheritance in the estate of Craven Manor. Leaving her New York home, she arrives in North Yorkshire, England where she is nearly run over by a wild horseman, Gideon Blackthorne. In Gideon's eyes and manner she sees a man which is full of secrets and so very deserving of love. Her goal is to unlock his secrets and learn of the real man trapped behind the cloak of darkness, which shadows his every movement.

Gideon and Lucinda who both having lost so much at very young ages formed an immediate emotional bond. Lucinda attraction to Gideon stems from his dark and elusive appearance. Gideon is heartened by Lucinda's bravery in facing obstacles which seem to haunt her at every corner. Together they create magic which will enable them to overcome the loneliness that has plagued each other their entire lives.

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