Devil in a Kilt by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Warner Books - July 2001
ISBN: 0446-610259 - Paperback

Reviewed by Renee Wampler,
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Devil in a Kilt takes place in Scotland in 1325 where marriages where customarily arranged and old family traditions where handed down from generation to generation. It was rumored that Duncan MacKenzie had murdered his wife. He was thought to be cold inside and demon possessed. Duncan had made a trade with Magmus MacDonnell in which he would gain the younger daughter, Linnet, as a wife. Linnet MacDonnell had the gift of sight and Duncan had hoped she would reveal some truths about his son. The dialogue in the story gives the reader a real experience of being in Scotland many centuries ago.

Linnet lived at home with her father and housemaid. Her father never gave or believed in providing her with love and attention. Upon meeting Duncan, Linnet found him attractive despite the rumors about him. There was more to Duncan than meets the eye. In reading the book, I felt sympathy for Linnet who grew up thinking she was a burden and longed for someone to love her.

Duncan was surprised that Linnet was quite breathtaking. Duncan and Linnet's characters portray very strong willed characters. Will Duncan allow the coldness in his heart to prevent him from finding true love? Will Linnet fulfill her heart's desire for someone to love? Devil in a Kilt is for readers who enjoy stepping back into a different time and place full of mystery and magic.

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