DRAEGON'S LAIR by Linda Cilletti
Dreams Unlimited Ė  
ISBN: 1892520435 - eBook
Historical Romance - Medieval

Reviewed by Suzie Housley

Linda Cilletiís DRAEGONíS LAIR exhibits an extraordinary classic example of the well known and loved movie "Man in the Iron Mask." Amazing developed, you will find it burrows deep into your heart and refuses to leave.

Darkness and mystery shroud Draegon, known to his people as Shadow Lord. A mystical soul who refuses to allow light to cast upon his hideously disfigured face. He finds himself undertaking the responsibility of saving Alys De Monceux and her unborn babe from some cruel, tortuous betrothed. In Alys, he quickly realizes she alone posses the ability to enlighten his darkened future. Will he have the power and strength to save her of the bleak future she is destined for, and convince her to be hisvery own?

Fleeing an abusive betrothed, Alys De Monceux is savagely thrown from her horse. Awakening, she finds she is without any memory of who she is or what circumstances brought her to this state of confusion. A cloaked man known only as Drageon rescues her and offers his assistance to help solve all which plagues her life. In Drageon she finds a caring, wounded soul so deserving of love. Will she be able to convince him of the beauty she sees within him?

Linda Cilletti has created a powerful love story between Alys and Draegon. Together, Alys and Draegon form a lasting relationship which foundation is derived from the strong emotional bond each can offer the other. As the DRAEGONíS LAIR draws to it dramatic climax, readers will be spellbound not only by the story, memorable characters, and the moral dilemma, but by Ms. Cilletiís sheer storytelling ability. This is one which you should plan ahead to read from beginning to end.

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