DREAM COUNTRY by Luanne Rice
Bantam Books - February 2001
ISBN: 0-553-80119-8 - Hardcover
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth, MyShelf.com
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In my opinion, DREAM COUNTRY is Luanne Rice's best story to date.  This latest novel is a compelling story of love and loss that grips the reader's heart. 

Years ago, Daisy and James Tucker's marriage ended soon after one of their twin children vanished in thin air.  Daisy had returned home to Connecticut with her daughter, Sage, and James refused to leave their Wyoming ranch in the hopes that their son would return.

Daisy Tucker now makes her living designing jewelry.  Each piece is a work of love created from etched bone and most have a story that goes with it. When her sixteen year-old daughter, Sage, runs away, Daisy's world is turned upside down.  After hearing that Sage is heading for Wyoming to the father, Jake, she has not seen in years.  Daisy is forced to return to the Wyoming ranch that she left so many years ago.

Together they must wait and pray that their daughter safely travels across country.  As they wait, old feelings reemerge.  Do they have the courage to attempt love once more?

An intense story line that moves at a superb pace, well developed characters with whom you sympathize, and a true love that never did die; all make DREAM COUNTRY a superior story!  I would highly recommend it to any romance fan.

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