DREAM KNIGHT by Alexis Kaye Lynn
Starlight Writer Publications 2001
ISBN: 1586972138 / E-book
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Elaine Broome, MyShelf.com

In an age when women had little freedom and marriages were often made for profit, Catheryn of Brezden dared to be different. In Alexis Kaye Lynn's DREAM KNIGHT, Catheryn dared to dream of true love and a future filled with joy. She awakens one night to find that she and Brezden are under the control of Count Gerard of Reveur. Surrounded by a fierce battle, with her village in flames, Catheryn fears that her dreams have come to life and will destroy everything she loves. Forced to marry Gerard, Catheryn is certain that the dream of true love will never be hers. Or will it? Somehow, without even wanting it to happen, Catheryn and Gerard are drawn to each other. Can he be the dream man who fills her heart and mind? Can Gerard, craving vengeance, allow himself to care for Catheryn? Before they can find the answers to these questions, they are swept into a storm of politics, treason and war.

Alexis Kaye Lynn has created a medieval world full of passion and intrigue. It is so realistic that I felt completely surrounded by Catheryn's 12th century village. There is pageantry and heroism, and a romance to melt the hardest of hearts. Catheryn is a wonderful character: she's spirited, intelligent and full of life. After years of being afraid and powerless, she finds tremendous courage. The touching romance of Catheryn ad Gerard is full of tenderness and great passion.

I liked this book so much! DREAM KNIGHT has so many things going for it: the setting is fascinating, the story sparkles with life, and the larger-than-life characters are really captivating. So, go ahead . . . step back in time and enjoy a story where dreams really can come true.

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