Time Passages
Jove – July 2000
ISBN: 0515128740 – Paperback
Paranormal - Time Travel

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.com
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At eighteen, Katherine is happily living in the present. On a family vacation to Scotland, she becomes linked heart and soul to a warrior in the 15th century. Katherine yearns to meet up with the Scotsman who stole her heart. Iain also dreams of the woman who reached out to him through time. He carries her gem-stoned earring in remembrance. After eight years, each is having dreams of the other. Is it time for their paths to cross once again? If they do, how long will it last? Can they emotionally survive another separation through time? 

A great historical feel with this one. It has plenty of historical facts about Scotland and clans. There are many characters, but don’t worry about being confused; you will know who to follow and who are the extras. The romance is sizzling, the story is memorable, and the time travel is entertaining. Ms. Davis provides some suspenseful cliffhangers at just the right moments making this one hard to put down.

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