FIRES OF HEAVEN by Chelley Kitzmiller
Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN: 1582005745 - eBook
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,

Chelley Kitzmiller’s FIRES OF HEAVEN will ignite a spark in your heart. The blazing fury of passion and intrigue will not release you until the very end.

Independence ‘Indy’ Taylor is determined to join her father at Camp Bowie. She hopes to make amends with her father, who blames her for the deaths of her mother and brother. When renegade Apaches suddenly attack her army caravan, she fears her life is in jeopardy. To her surprise, she is saved by another band of Apache, led by the mysterious Indian warrior, Shatto. From her first encounter with Shatto she quickly feels a growing attraction. Will she be able to put aside her fears and listen to her hearts desire?

Shatto is far different from the murderous band of renegades led by his brother, Chie. When he spies an army caravan as his brother’s hopeless prey, he seeks to aid in their survival. He is unaware he will find Indy Taylor among the group of army soldiers. In Indy’s eyes he sees fear and revulsion. He hopes to change her opinion of him by accepting an offer to train army soldiers as scouts. Hopefully, Indy will allow him into her life and give him the chance to solve the problems which constantly plague her troubled mind.

Reflecting a dazzling polish and grace in her writing, Chelley Kitzmiller ensnares our hearts with extraordinary appealing characters. So memorable they seem to leap off the page and into your fast beating heart.

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