THE FIXER-UPPERS by Cynthianna Appel

Wings ePress - Nov. 2001
ISBN: 1590880587 – eBook & Paperback
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, 

Cynthianna Appel’s THE FIXER-UPPERS is a breath of fresh air. The refreshing, realistic approach, which revolves around her characters and plot, is the tool to understanding how relationships develop in today’s modern day society.

Recently divorced Cassie Stubinski reluctantly agrees to a blind date with Mike Fletcher. The date isn’t love at first sight, but with Mike’s easygoing manner a friendship is quickly established. When she learns, Mike has been evicted from his home she offers to rent him an unused attic apartment. She is surprised at the easy acceptance of Mike by her two young sons. Also, she is heartened at the many endless repairs he is quickly making. Slowly she realizes Mike is able to fix anything, including her wounded heart.

Mike Fletcher's credit has been left in shambles after a reckless five-year relationship. Trying to get his life and finances back in order, he accepts an invitation with Cassie Stubinski. Cassie is not the model material he is accustomed to dating. Her warm, caring personality makes up for anything she may lack on the outside. In Cassie he sees how shallow of existence he has been living. Will he have the courage and confidence to be able to make her his own?

In both characters of THE FIXER-UPPERS we see them learning to trust in the power of love. Admirably, they are able to overcome their obstacles and are able to heal and ease away the pain of the past. Her faith in love renews our own belief that love can conquer all. Her book inspires us to learn a valuable lesson in which beauty is only skin deep.

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