FLY ME TO THE MOON by Kylie Adams
Zebra - May 2001
ISBN: 0821768093 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Erina Hsu,
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When Jersey girl Sofia Cardinella jilts her husband to be (for the third time) she ends up meeting Ben Estes, a singer with a serious Frank Sinatra obsession. He's tall, gorgeous, and devastatingly charming. There's just one tiny problem - Sofia's Mafia daddy hates Ben. When two Mafia goons start going after Ben, Sofia decides it's time to skip town and heads straight for California with Ben in tow. The result is a sexy seven-day romp in a gorgeous seaside town that ends with a whirlwind wedding and a whole new slew of problems for the lusty newlyweds once they get back to the East Coast.

This racy romp gets high marks for ingenuity and has a cast of eccentric characters. Sofia is the poster girl for Cosmo: gorgeous, thin, young, and pea brained with a gay best friend named Ricky, a pal every girl needs. Ben belongs on the cover of GQ while his bitchy friend Kitty is the woman every gal loves to hate and secretly wants to be. The plot survives well when Adams sticks to writing funny fluff but flops when a ludicrous mystery/thriller element is thrown in. Even so, the story manages to be so bad it's good. (Think John Waters). Aside from the silly thriller twist, Adams has penned a hilarious contemporary romance that will have readers wishing they too could live in a world of Sex and the City meets The Sopranos. The raunchy, quirky humor is perfect for readers who want to let loose and get a little bit zany, providing they can suspend reality long enough to read about completely vapid yet entertaining people in an utterly surreal world.

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