GLASS-SLIPPER-DOT.COM by Rebecca Anderson
ISBN: 1893896161
ImaJinn Books

Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks,
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Mirabelle Saintly, senior good witch and “Granter,” is Wishmakers Inc. last hope for the future of not only the wish makers themselves, but the balance of the cosmos and all the magic in the world. She has to show a mortal, Eileen Pringle, how to make her wish for true love come true. Little does she know that Eileen is going to be one of the hardest assignments she’s ever had. Can Mirabelle show Eileen her true love and save herself and other “Granters”?

Eileen Pringle is the Lead Programmer and Security Director of Wincomp and has just returned back to work after spending the last three months with her dying father, dealing with her greedy step-mother, and finding out that her father didn’t leave her anything in his will after getting kicked out of her house by her step-mother. Although going through all of these things in only 3 months, she is still the clumsy, bright person that she always has been…that is until she arrives to find her temporary replacement, Daniel Collins, sitting in her office working on her terminal and her boss, and crush, Brock Van Buren, is dating her blonde bimbo-like step-sister, Alyssa.

Daniel Manatucci (alias Daniel Collins) is an FBI agent who is investigating what is supposed to be one of his easiest cases yet. He is to find the Wincomp employee that hacked into some sensitive Government files and take them into custody. He didn’t expect to find that the one of the two people that he suspects – Eileen and her boss Brock Van Buren – was a brilliant, single woman who would challenge him all the way when it comes to her friends and co-workers…especially the gorgeous Brock. 

This book was fantastic! The beginning was kind of slow for me because I thought, at first glance, that this book was another one of those mushy romances. I was VERY wrong. The characters are original and so splendidly written that they took the already gut-wrenching, tear-jerking humor to a higher level. The plot is twisting, and the mix of intrigue and romantic sparks between Eileen and Daniel is very well done.

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