Hard Shell Word Factory - Feb. 2001
ISBN: 1582006164 - ebook
A Regency Romance 

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com

Major Arthur Lyndered, newly created Baron Sanviain, returned from the Peninsular Campaign wounded with his right arm amputated. Years ago a tenuous arrangement had been made between his father and Viscount Carwell for the marriage between Arthur and Charlotte, daughter of Carwell. Charlotte is the daughter of Sarah, a childhood friend of Arthur, now a widow.

Sarah takes Arthur to her country estate to recuperate. There he makes a slow recovery, but makes no progress with Charlotte. She is repulsed by his disfigurement, interested only in fashion and a title. Arthur soon realizes his feelings toward Sarah are more than those of an old friend. Sarah has the same feelings toward Arthur. Both conceal these feelings from each other. There are many barriers to surmount before their lives are resolved.

This is a delightful story of Regency England. It is an engrossing tale filled with a full cast of characters: a war hero, a beautiful widow, an eccentric duchess, pompous clergymen, frivolous debutantes, blustering retired generals, Town dandies, faithful tenants. There is a bit of history of the Peninsular War and lots of romance, some in unexpected places....

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