HEARTBREAKER by Julie Garwood
Pocket Books - July 2000
ISBN: 0671032992 - 
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by JaToya Love, MyShelf.Com
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Heartbreaker is Julie Garwood's first contemporary novel. And it's fabulous. A True thriller with character's you'll fall in love with.

Nick Buchanan is an agent for one the FBI's Special Units. Beautiful Laurant Madden is the sister of Nick's best friend. Although they'd known about each other for years they'd never met. Until a psychopath confesses to a crime he hasn't committed yet. Killing Laurant. Nick does everything he can to ensure Laurant's safety. But, constant contact with her is more than he can take and he fights his growing feelings as he tries to keep her safe.

Heartbreaker is filled with energy and the plot is fantastic. Julie Garwood had the foresight to throw out enough curve balls to keep us guessing without cluttering the novel up.

There were a few things that I thought seemed out of sync. Laurant's confession of love to Nick was a surprise to me because although he had played the part of agent and best friend well there wasn't much romance going on. I'd been left with the impression that although he was attracted to Laurant and the reader knew his feelings, Laurant didn't. He gave her no encouragement and it felt too soon for her to have developed such deep feelings for him. A few of the characters seemed to be either unnecessary or underdeveloped. It was hard to find a real purpose for them existing. However, some of the supporting characters were great. And I for one am hoping to see Nick's fellow agent, Noah in a book of his own soon. 

The final few chapters of this book more than made up for the few minor flaws that existed and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

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