HER ONLY CHANCE by Cheryl Anne Porter
Temptation / Men of Chance Series
Harlequin  - February 2001
ISBN: 0373259182 - Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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Lieutenant-Commander Keller Chance, Navy Seal, has always lived his life by taking chances. When a mission goes wrong, he is relieved of his current Seal position and reassigned to a desk job. Trying to come to terms of his new job assignment he is surprised to run into his former love, Jamie Winslow. Little does he know the real reason why Jamie is once again entering his life. What he is unaware of is this time she plans to say the final goodbye and move on with her life, or will she?

Jamie Winslow, Psychology student, faces the challenging task of finding closure with her former boyfriend, Keller Chance. Unless she resolves this issue with her failed past relationship she will not be able to gain her Psychology license, nor will she land a major book publishing deal. She knows to have a final ending with Keller is the only way her life will be complete. There is just one problem, her heart is telling her otherwise.

Jamie and Keller are prime examples of soul mates. Having known each all their lives, neither one is content unless the other one is present in each others lives. When both are faced with a life changing crisis they once again find themselves back in each other arms for comfort and support. A love with a foundation so strong cannot be broken no matter what obstacles should enter their path.

Cheryl Anne Porter is a very talented writer. Her hero being a military type hero was a real attention grabber in selecting this book. Her characters are full of depth and she doesn't mind making them sound human, or taking risks with them; most of all she gives them hope and a chance to turn things around for the better. I found the plot to be a very fresh, smooth read all the way through. I look forward to reviewing future writings of this author.

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