IN CLOSE QUARTERS by Candace Irvin
Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 1078
Silhouette - 2001
ISBN: 0373271484 - Paperback
Category Romance for strong love scenes

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Passionate, intriguing, heart stopping: do any of these words capture your attention? If so, I invite you to savor the opportunity to experience Candace Irwin’s IN CLOSE QUARTERS.

Through an anonymous note, Navy Doctor, Lieutenant Karin Scott learns of missing drugs. Further investigation reveals the mysterious note is not a hoax, but a major clue to a lethal narcotics operation, which is taking place at the San Diego Navel Hospital. Fearing this knowledge could endanger her life and career, she contacts a close friend who works for the DEA. She is stunned to learn her friend is off on his honeymoon and sent Special Agent T.J. Vasquez in his absence. Six months has past since her last encounter with T.J., who at one time she hoped to form a relationship. Learning the truth of T.J.’s reputation, as a well-known playboy and a womanizer, she abruptly ends her pursuit before it had a chance to develop. Now she must entrust her life to this fearless warrior, but is it her heart that risks the most endangerment?

Special Agent Tomas Juan ‘T.J.’ Vasquez has counted the days since he last saw Karin Scott. Karin’s absence left a hole in his heart, which refuses to be filled. When he learns she is in grave danger, he rushes to her side to provide the protection she needs. Soon they discover their dangerous undercover mission is bound to land them in close quarters, will Karin be able to resist the urge to go under the covers with T.J.?

Candace Irwin has developed a fast paced novel, which will be a forceful rival against any of the best writers in military romances. She has created two dynamic characters, as well as a gripping tale full of tension and suspense, and added just enough passion to leave one breathless!

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