IN PRAISE OF YOUNGER MEN by Jo Beverley, Cathy Maxwell, Jaclyn Reding, Lauren Royal 
Signet – Feb. 2001
ISBN: 0451203801 - Paperback
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Mary Lynn,
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In Praise of Younger Men is a delicious collection of four historical love stories about women and the delectable younger men they fall in love with.

In “A Man Who Can Dance,” by Cathy Maxwell, Graham has been too busy with his studies to have time for romance. However the first time he sees Lucinda, he’s stricken by her beauty.  He turns to Sarah to help him win Lucinda, but along the way Graham discovers who it is he really loves.

In “Forevermore,” by Lauren Royal, set in 1667 England, sensible Clarice meets Cameron at the wedding of a Lord and is immediately attracted to him. Cameron generally gets want he wants and he wants Clarice.

In “Written In the Stars” by Jaclyn Reding, Harriet is told that she must find herself a husband.  Will she accept when the younger Tristan offers to be groom to her bride?

In “The Demon Mistress,” by Jo Beverley, after he finishes a particularly fine bottle of wine, Lord Vandeimen is going to commit suicide.  But not if Maria has anything to say about it.

Each novella in this anthology is well written with wonderful characters that the reader will fall in love with.  The love scenes between these couples are tender and yet pack wickedly succulent knockout punches.

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