INTENSIVE CARING By Bobby Hutchinson
Harlequin Superomance, No. 1010
Harlequin - September 2001
ISBN: 0373710100 - Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Nelson Gregory lives his life being a dare devil by participating in life threatening activities. He is plagued with the realization he might suffer from the same devastating disease that claimed his father. He refuses to allow anyone to get close to him for fear of putting them through the uncertain horrors his future holds. When he is involved in a racing accident, he is brought out of unconsciousness by a soothing voice reassuring him of his recovery. Upon further investigation, he discovers his Guardian Angel's voice belongs to Dr. Portia Bailey. Learning of Portia's amazing gift he is immediately drawn to learn more about this beauty. Her hesitance only encourages him to try harder to seduce her into a relationship. Will she have the power to encourage him to seek out and discover his fears?

Dr. Portia Bailey is blessed with psychic initiation. She uses her unique gift to see how to better diagnosis her patients' illnesses. When one of her younger patients misinterprets her suggested medical advice, she is stunned to learn she may have contributed to the cause of her untimely death. Overcome with grief and guilt she vows never to use her special powers to treat anyone again. When racecar driver Nelson Gregory is brought into the Emergency Room she is immediately drawn to this mysterious man. Her senses overtake her and she finds herself providing comfort at the bedside of Nelson. Unconsciously, she informs him he will recover fully from his injuries. What is it about Nelson that has captured her attention?

Bobby Hutchinson writes a very emotional drama which will leave the reader craving for more. With her medical background she is able to create a very believable real life experience. Readers will feel the emotion as this one slowly weaves its hypnotic prose.

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