IN THE WIND'S EYE by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
DLSIJ Press - 1999
ISBN: 19289730501, Paperback / ebook
Historical-post Civil War

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Windlass . . . home, peace, and security. These words were what kept Rory 'Sinclair' McGregor alive for the past four years fighting for his beloved Confederacy. Now the war was over - the north had won - it was time to start to rebuild what was left of his shattered life and live once again for the future.
Unfortunately, the battle wasn't over . . . in fact it just had only begun. Expecting to find his beloved home and fiancée both anxiously awaiting his return he is stunned to learn all is lost to one evil enemy, Edward Delacroix.

Ivonne Boucharde Delacroix had loved Sinclair McGregor all her life. It pained her to see the devastation contained in his eyes. She alone knew she was responsible for putting the hopeless look there when she betrayed his love and trust by marrying another. Now is it her fate she must suffer alone in silence? Will she ever be able to reveal the horrors which forced her into marriage with Edward Delacroix? Circumstances cruelly torn their love apart, is there any hope it will be recovered?

Charlotte Boyett-Compo does an astonishing job in her creation of IN THE WIND'S EYE. Readers will be spellbound as she masterfully reveals the exciting plot twists that are contained in every page. This one will leave you guessing right up until the shocking conclusion is revealed. If ever a novel should be made into a television drama IN THE WIND'S EYE defiantly should be considered. Books like this do not come along every day and they are to be treasured and savored for future reading pleasure.

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