IT TAKES TWO by Adrienne Burns 
Magical Love Romance Series
Jove - February 2000 
ISBN: 0515127515 - Paperback
Paranormal -  Magic

Reviewed by Erina Hsu,
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What happens when a witch and a warlock can't stop bickering and cause endless havoc? The witch's council sentences them to life as birds until they manage to do some good, of course! 

Meet Mini and Rueben, destined to spend eternity in a birdcage unless they manage to unite two mortals who are estranged soul mates. Their unsuspecting targets are Justine Diamond and Zachary Wayne, who met on a cruise ship and fell madly in love before Zack left abruptly - leaving Justine to believe her self jilted. A year later, Justine has just received a shipment of animals for her pet shop, including a pair of lovebirds in a posh cage, when Zack waltzes through the door. The pair is still deeply in love, but both are angry and believe the other is at fault for the cruise fiasco. Enter Mini and Rueben, who contrive whatever means necessary to get them together, including a deranged monkey and a lot of magic. 

The result is a tale of what happens when witches meet stubborn mortals. True love, of course, triumphs. Justine and Zack are a likeable couple, though I personally felt that Mini and Rueben stole the show. (They also appear in the subsequent book THREE'S A CHARM). The only quibble I have with this book is that it relies heavily on the Big Misunderstanding plot. The whole thing could have been resolved with a five-minute conversation the instant Zack walked into Justine's pet shop, but obviously, that would have eliminated the whole story. Still, I thought the BM could have been resolved a lot earlier and the rest of the book could have been devoted to developing the main characters a bit more. Luckily, the wacky antics of Mini and Rueben keep the story alive and sparkling with humor, providing a light and fluffy read with which to cozy up. 

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