Hardshellword.com  - 2001
ISBN 1582005612 - eBook
Contemporary Romance - Comedy

Reviewed by Rhonda Drummond, MyShelf.com

Researching a role for the stage is not all that easy, as Casey Mackenzie learns while she's disguised as a boy to settle into her dual role as Mike/Michelle in a production of Light's Out. She's taken quite well to the city of Springfield, Illinois, and is taken aback by the kindness of one Jake Cutter.  The actress gets a job as lawn boy for the PR spin doctor, and then finds herself falling deeper into her roles outside of the theater as free spirited surfer dude, Mike Casey by day, and the sexy red-haired siren, Drew Harper, at night. 

Jake had a shaky past before he moved to Springfield, yet somehow, he feels he can tell anything to Mike, and Drew sets him on fire. The real Casey, has fallen, but can't let on anymore than she can allow when she is her true self.  She's got herself caught up in a whirlwind of deceit, and can't seem to get out.  I'm not going to tell you any more, except that this fast paced story will keep you wanting to know so much more about these players in that most ancient of games.

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