The Legacy by Cindy Cadelo
America House Book Publishers - November 2001
ISBN: 1588511855 - eBook
Explicit content

Reviewed by Amy Mehta,
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The Legacy is a heartwarming tale about a twenty-something orphan's adventures in the Big Apple. Maggie Claydon's earliest memories are of the San Sebastian Children's Home in Florida where she grew up. She leaves the home at the age of 18 to strike out and make her own place in the world. Maggie works for a few years and lives simply until she receives a mysterious letter that convinces her to move to New York City and start a new life.

The introduction to the story is very cleverly done. When we are first introduced to Maggie, she is an old woman tending her garden when she becomes the victim of a sudden heart attack. The story then starts out from the beginning with an event that changes the course of her life forever before she is old enough to even realize what has happened. Later on, through her interactions with the kindly Mrs. Everhart, and Sean, the kind policeman she encounters in New York City, she is able to put her tragic past behind her, and move toward a future she can look forward to.

This book is a story about Maggie's search for family and how she finds one that becomes larger than she could have ever dreamed of. I loved the way the book was old-fashioned in parts, and very contemporary in others. Mrs. Cadelo has done a wonderful job of knitting together two very different writing styles into an entertaining and inspirational story that shows the reader that sometimes through helping others we are able to find the very things that elude us.

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