THE LONER by Evelyn Rogers
Secret Fires Series
Leisure – August 2001 – Paperback
ISBN: 0843948809
Historical Romance for strong love scenes

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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In Evelyn Roger’s THE LONER, readers will find a highly descriptive tale, which will quickly transport them back to the exciting life and times that only existed in the Old West. This poignant tale is overflowing with sizzling excitement, passion, and turmoil and will remain in your memory long after you turn the last page.

As his name suggests, Stone McBride’s heart has been hardened against the cruel injustices fate has unmercifully dealt to him. Living his life as a gambler, he is unprepared when word arrives informing him his father is on his deathbed, and has summoned for him to return to the Circle M to claim his inheritance. To ignore his father’s request, would force him to forfeit his share of the ranch to his resentful brother, sister, and manipulative stepmother. Upon his return to the town of Sidewinder, he is unprepared to see his former fiancée, Annie Chapin. Will he be able to live with himself knowing he alone caused the pain which is present in her eyes?

Four years ago, Annabelle ‘Annie’ Chapin, gave her heart and soul to Stone McBride. What she received in return was enough heartache to last a lifetime. Still suffering from her last encounter with Stone, she is shocked to learn she still has feelings for the man who cruelly broke her heart. Will she have the power this time to chisel away the hard exterior surrounding his cold heart?

Evelyn Rogers masterfully crafts stories where the characters are so real they seem to leap off the pages. Stone and Annie are two memorable characters, who finally realize when they are able to trust in the power of love as only it alone would be able to heal and erase the pain of their past.

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