Love Came Just in Time by Lynn Kurland
Berkley - June 12, 2001
ISBN: 0425179664 - Paperback
Paranormal Romance / 4 Stories = 2 Time Travel, 1 Ghost, 1 Contemporary

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Berkley has put four of Kurland's previously published Christmas novellas into one book. Since I am a fan of Kurland's time travel romances, I thought this was a wonderful idea.

The Gift of Christmas Past was first printed in The Christmas Cat Anthology and the lead characters can be found in The More I See You. Miles and Abigail meet up when a bit of time travel lands her in 1238, in a filthy English moat on England/Scotland border. Abigail also discovers her cat Sir Sweetums, who has been missing for two years, walking through the castle…. This one was my absolute favorite.

The Three Wise Ghosts was first printed in the Christmas Spirits Anthology, and the author promises to feature the three ghosts again in a future book. Megan has had the worst luck in the job world, whereas Gideon is a successful CEO. They meet up in a quaint Inn run by a very nervous villager. The three matchmaking ghosts inhabiting the inn make for a delightful, fun read.

And The Groom Wore Tulle was first printed in the Veils of Time Anthology, and Ian was mentioned in the previous tale, A Dance Through Time. Ian and Jane meet when Ian is transferred through time from a smelly dungeon in England to just down wind of Jersey. It gets more exciting when they venture to Scotland to meet up with a previous relative who also traveled to the present. An entertaining, imaginative read.

The Icing on the Cake was first printed in Opposites Attract Anthology, and features a modern-day Macleod. Sydney lives and works in Alaska. Samuel has traveled there for a break. He's handsome and rich, but chooses to make a living with his hands. Sydney wants to take advantage of his skills and asks for lessons; She gets more then she bargained for. It's a contemporary tale of life's lessons in love.

Kurland's stories permeate with the essence of romance. Her writing style is smooth. Her imagination is never ending. Read just one of these novellas and you will become a fan for life.

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