LOVE THY ENEMY by Judith Lynn
Hard Shell Word Factory - 2001
ISBN: 1582006202 - E-book 
Historical Romance - Medieval

Reviewed by Elaine Broome,
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A tragic accident, a grieving father, a spirited young girl . . . Julith Lynn's LOVE THY ENEMY weaves these elements into a spellbinding tale of medieval life. When 13th century Norwegian nobleman Jarl Magnus's young son is killed in a collision with drunken farmer Oddvar Amundsson, Magnus vows to kill Amundsson to avenge his loss. Oddvar's horrified daughter Tora offers herself in her father's place:  she will bear Magnus a son if he will spare her father's life.  Although he is dismayed that the local governors decree that he must first marry Tora, Magnus agrees.

Magnus and Tora begin their marriage of necessity with their hearts hardened to each other.  Tora promises herself that although she is Magnus's wife and unexpectedly desires him, she will never allow herself to care for him.  And Magnus, still cloaked in grief and anger over his son's death, has sworn that he will merely use Tora's body until she bears him a son and then divorce her.  It's not long before they both realize just how difficult it will be to keep these harsh promises.

Although it contains echoes of both "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Taming of the Shrew", LOVE THY ENEMY is a fresh and appealing story.  Judith Lynn has created a medieval world full of beauty and pain.  There is battleground excitement, political intrigue and lusty romance.  We see Tora go from a sheltered if willful maiden to a passionate and determined woman.  Slowly and very reluctantly, Magnus is forced to admit to himself that he cares for Tora.  Will their stubbornness ever let them admit their feelings to each other?  I found myself racing through this book to find out.  LOVE THY ENEMY is an exciting and entertaining book that is sure to captivate readers.

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