MAJESTIC SECRET by Michelle McGriff
Writers Club Press - 2001
ISBN: 0595130720
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Renee Wampler,
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The story begins with a nurse switching babies at birth and how this one  event revolves around many circumstances.   The teenage black girl, Majestic, is the mother of the babies and tragically loses her life during childbirth.  The book goes on the reveal how Majestic came to fall in love with a teenage white boy and the struggles she went through.  After her death, the story goes on to tell of her children's obstacles of discovering who their parents are and dealing with their racially mixed heritage. I was impressed with Majestic's impulsive way of leaping into life despite her mother's views of how you should lead your life. She had a free spirit and was not afraid of taking on life's challenges. This is an impressive survival story for anyone who deals with life's unexpected events.

This book opens with nurse Judith who switches babies around and decided she will keep one of the babies for herself to compensate for her own personal loss.  Majestic and Elijah's love affair brings in to the story their children who grow up in separate households not knowing about Majestic's Secret. 

All of the characters are very believable with their emotions and struggles. As I was reading this book, my heart ached for many of the characters.  I sympathized with Majestic who never got to experience life to its fullest but influenced many people around her by her beauty and charm. 

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