THE MAJOR'S MISTAKE by Andrea Pickens
Signet - 2000
ISBN: 0451200969 - Paperback
A Regency Romance 

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore, MyShelf.Com
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 Newlywed Miranda finds her happiness with Julian, Marquess of Sterling, short lived. While at a party, she is accosted by a lecher. Though she fends him off, his attack leaves her disheveled, so when the rake whispers to Julian that Miranda was seen in a compromising position with another, moments after leaving her, she has not had time to repair herself. Unfortunately, Julian believes the circumstantial evidence over her word and divorces her before going to war with the commission of a major.

Seven years later, they re-encounter each other, older and wiser. Miranda has been living in poverty with his elderly aunt and the child she secretly bore after her family cast her off for her shame.  Julian is now crippled by the war. When he sees her son, Justin, he knows the boy to be his own. As he gets to know the child, he also learns Miranda is a kind, gentle woman with a healing gift, and that he misjudged her. Gradually, the walls between them collapse, and when he rescues her from kidnappers, their love is fully reborn.

Though darker than most regencies, it atones for that by having a more substantial story. It is a pleasure to see the growth of the characters from shallowness to compassionate as they heal completely.

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