American Romance No.835
Harlequin Retail Inc - July 2000
ISBN: 0373168357 - Paperback
A Category Romance


Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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This is the first novel I have read by Lisa Bingham, but surely will not be my last!  This one book opened my eyes to what a wonderful author I have been missing out on, and to look forward to any future works.

Up and coming artist Eleanor Rapport finds herself blinded by a car crash on an icy winter night.  Feeling her career being snatched away , she finds herself retreating from her former likes and interests. Little does she know the book interrupter she hires, Jack MacAllister, is the same person who was responsible for accidentally crashing into her vehicle six months ago on that cold, icy night.

Jack finds himself haunted by the memory of the tragic night and knows He must return to check on Eleanorís recovery.  He is shocked to learn Eleanor not only has not recovered from her blindness, but as an added surprise she is pregnant.  Determined to be her Knight in Shining Armor, he takes it upon himself to get Eleanor interested in her former art career.  Keeping his identity a secret; he never dreamed he would end up falling in love with Eleanor. How will she feel about Jack when the truth comes out and she finds Jack is part of the reason for the obstacles she now faces?

This is a fast moving emotional novel, one that portrays strong heart Catching characters and one in which you will become wrapped up in a love that warms the heart.

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