The Marriage Contract by Cathy Maxwell
Avon Books
ISBN: 0380808331 -
Historical Romance - 19th Century, Scotland

Review by Renee Wampler,
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Acting upon desperation, Anne Burnett signs a marriage contract to marry Aiden Black, The Earl of Tiebauld. Anne has never laid eyes on the man but has heard many rumors of his rebellious ways. She feels like a hired hand living with her aunt and uncle so she had no other choice. I admired Anne's courage of making this bold step into the unknown to start a new life for herself. Aiden Black doesn't desire a wife but was trapped into this marriage. The couple does eventually grow fond of each other and settle into married life until rumors of rebellion circulate and their fate is uncertain.

I found the story to have a touch of humor in the midst of this serious plot. The characters bring this tale to life and maintain your interest throughout the book.

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