MY LORD PIRATE by Laura Renken 
Jove - Jan. 2001
ISBN: 0515129844 - Paperback
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Laura Renkenís My Lord Pirate is a truly an award winning novel. Fast moving and full of twists and turns, it will leave you turning the pages and staying on edge right until the very end. 

Talon Drake is a man determined to seek vengeance against the Welles family who falsely accused his family of treason. He seeks revenge in  plotting to abduct Arabella, the bride of William Welles stepson Harrison Kendrick. However when his crew mistakenly kidnaps the wrong woman and takes Regan Welles, Arabella's cousin and Harrison's stepsister, the adventure begins. 

Reagan is horrified to learn her abductor is none other than Talon Drake, the man she believes had her parents killed.  During her captivity Reagan leans the real truth about what happened and discovers a treasure in Talen's heart o f gold. 

MY LORD PIRATE will quickly absorb the reader into the story.  They will discover two characters who have suffered not only physical but mental hardships throughout their lives. Talon and Regan are very  deserving of the magic that lov e can offer them. I  found myself hating to see the end of the these wonderfully  memorable characters in this enchanting novel. 

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