MY REBEL BELLE by Pamela Cummings
RFI West, Inc. - Ebook
ISBN: 158697355X
Historical Romance
Civil War South

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Pamela Cummings MY REBEL BELLE presents a wonderfully realistic look into the hardships one southern family faced during the Civil War. Readers will find themselves captivated by a charming poignant love story that will tug hard at their hearts.

Marabelle Talbot is fiercely loyal to the southern cause. She is unprepared when Major Leander Cabot Brooks, a wounded northern arrives unexpectedly at her doorstep. Being betrothed to a southern Captain she is puzzled at the feelings Leander is able to evoke whenever he is near. Will she be able to put her hatred for the north aside long enough to explore her inner feelings?

Major Leander Cabot Brooks did not anticipate falling wounded and landing in a household filled with four southern women. Through their care and compassion he is able to recover from his life threatening wounds. During his recovery he is placed in the hands of Marabelle Talbot. Her hatred for him and his beliefs are readily evident. Will he have the power to convince her he is not another Damn Yankee?

Pamela Cummings has mastered the elements in writing a novel filled with accurate details, wonderful plot twists, and strong believable characters. With rich vivid colorful words that flow smoothly off the pages; readers will enjoy being transported back into the life and times which only the Civil War could offer.

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