My Scottish Summer by Connie Brockway, Patti Berg, Debra Dier, Kathleen Givens
Warner Romance - July 2001
ISBN: 0446610453 - Paperback
Contemporary / Scotland

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Lassies are ye needing a wee bit a romance to stir ye bonnie heart and take ye far, far away? Then My Scottish Summer is what yer looking for! It's four contemporary tales of passion and intrigue ready to carry ye to the perfect shores of Scotland for a spell of romance and splendor.

Lassie, Go Home by Connie Brockman
After one too many drinks at a scotch tasting booth, American Toni Olsen falls for Scotsman, Devlin Montgomery. Fate has them hitting the road to recover what originally brought her to Scotland. An amusing tale of tolerating tourists and capturing a Braveheart -- great choice as first story.

Sinfully Scottish by Patti Berg
Emily Sinclair writes cookbooks with unique photos. She traveled to Scotland to capture the likeness of a famous castle. Scotsman Colin Dunbar, the castle's owner, wants to capture Emily. Mutual attraction has them making deals, learning self-control, and discovering the recipe for real love.

Maddening Highlander by Debra Dier
American Ann Fitzpatrick brings a journal and intrigue into Scotsman Iain Matheson's life. She arrives in Scotland to find a secret treasure. Iain's mistrust doesn't stop him from playing the hero. After a close call the two agree to solve a 200 year-old mystery and hunt for the treasure together. Learning to trust helps these two find the riches hidden away in their hearts.

Castle in the Skye by Kathleen Givens
American Maddie Breen is in Scotland to celebrate an old family friend's birthday. A mutual attraction with Scotsman Dain MacDonald is tested when Dain has someone sabotaging his castle restoration and Maddie has someone in New York demanding her return or else. Listening to the heart can be an eye opening experience.

A great book for those short reading periods. Fun storylines and characters. Four entertaining reads about lads, lassies, and love. Don't miss out!

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