NIGHT AND DAY By Anne Stuart and Gayle Wilson
Harlequin Intrigue No. 637
Harlequin - November 2001
ISBN: 0373226373 - paperback
Romance - Violence

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.Com
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NIGHT by Anne Stuart:
World-renowned cat burglar, Michael Blackheart, is determined to retire early from his traditional family business of thievery, after serving two years in a French prison. However, things change when he learns the father that he thought was dead is still very much alive, and owns a successful security firm that is currently in charge of guarding the world famous Norenheld Treasure. Feeling his father abandoned him, he makes the decision to mastermind one last robbery. His rewards will be a hefty retirement fund and revenge.

Isabel Linden thrives on bringing order to chaos. As an executive assistant, she is the hostess of the presentation ceremony for the Norenheld Treasure. Having scanned the guests' registry, she discovers a gatecrasher, Michael Blackheart. From the first moment she looks into his brown eyes, his tantalizing gaze captures her. As he asks her to dance and holds her in his strong arms, her last ounce of common sense vanishes. She simply closes her eyes and gives in to the strong vibrations that so readily consume her.

DAY by Gayle Wilson:
It has been five years since Duncan Culhane last heard Andrea Sorrenson's voice . . .. Five years that he has spent living with the guilt surrounding her husband's death. The former government agent is faced with the dilemma of finding Andrea's grandmother's stolen jewelry box. Will he be able to set aside the ghosts that haunt his consciousness to help Andrea find the treasure?

Andrea Sorrenson fell in love with Duncan Culhane ten years ago. Unfortunately, Andrea's love was never returned, so she married Duncan's best friend, Paul, instead. Now a widow, she is in need of Duncan's specialized services to recover her grandmother's priceless jewelry box. Upon seeing Duncan, she notices the last five years have not been kind to him. Surprisingly, with all his visible changes, she discovers her heart still craves his love.

I felt "Night and Day" was masterfully created. Both authors have written books in the past that have provided me with countless hours of joy. Together, they have produced an exciting and breath taking volume of romantic suspense that left me craving more. I hope they combine their formidable talents again in the future to produce another award winning novel.


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