NIGHT HAWK'S BRIDE by Jillian Hart  
Harlequin Historical - Return to Tyler series No. 1
Harlequin - April, 2000
ISBN: 0-373-29158-2  -- Paperback
Category Romance - Western

Reviewed by Jo Rogers,
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Harlequin's popular "Welcome to Tyler" series, set in Tyler, Wisconsin, returns with a brand new series.  NIGHT HAWK'S BRIDE is the first in the "Return to Tyler" set.  Set in the early 1800s, when Tyler was just a settlement around Fort Tye, it is a story of love as it should be the kind of love that neither time nor distance can destroy.

Marie Lafayette was a child of wealth and privilege, raised by her aunt in Ohio.  Her father, Colonel Henry Lafayette, had never been close to his daughter, and seemed to care little about her.  So it was with great expectations that Marie agreed to travel to Fort Tye to teach the children of the fort, the settlement, and the friendly Sauk Indians that lived in the area.  Perhaps her father did love her after all.

Unfortunately, Colonel Lafayette thought he could command his grown daughter in the same way he ruled the fort.  He wanted her to be married off to one of his officers so she could have everything he wanted her to have.  Her happiness was not a concern.  So, when Marie met and fell in love with Night Hawk, one of the Sauk Indians, the Colonel was furious. Couldn't Marie see what she was doing to his reputation?

NIGHT HAWK'S BRIDE is filled with the ups and downs of forbidden love, and the struggles of two people, whose souls are joined as one, to overcome the fear and prejudices that haunt an interracial relationship.  It is a beautiful story and beautifully told.  It is also a lesson in what things really matter in life.  It will not be a book you will quickly forget.

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