NIGHT SHADOW by Laura Renken
My Lord Pirate
Jove - August 2001
ISBN: 0515131555 - Paperback
Historical - 1691, Caribbean -
for strong love scenes

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Laura Renken takes the high seas by storm with her latest captivating novel Night Shadow. Readers will be held prisoner by this fast paced action packed adventure.

Pulled from a watery grave, Marcus Ryan Drake finds himself a prisoner on a doomed Spanish vessel. A fierce storm threatens to capsize the helpless ship. When the captain is swept overboard the owner Liandra seeks out his assistance to help bring the ship under control. Marcus is quickly drawn to the exquisite features of the mysterious owner. He is unaware of what deadly secrets she is keeping from him. At what price will he have to pay in order to learn Liandra's true identity?

Maria Liandra Espinosa Y Ramirez, proud daughter to Spain, had never been reduced to begging. When she finds herself in a life threatening situation she reluctantly asks for help from a notorious pirate Marcus Drake. She promises his freedom if he is able to save her ship and family from the ravaging storm, which threatens their lives. Marcus and his swashbuckler crew is unaware she is the sister to the deadly pirate hunter El Condor. When the truth is revealed at what cost will it mean to Marcus?

Laura Renken is one of romances finest gems. Readers who enjoy their romances with a sea breeze, sizzling passion, and rapier sharp dialogue will savor this masterpiece.

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