NOBLE SAVAGE by Judith B. Glad
Awe-Struck E-Books  - 2000
ISBN: 1587490730 - eBook
Historical Romance - Western

Reviewed by Jen Oliver,

What a great story about a romance that doesn't come full blast at the beginning of the story. Unlike many romance novels, this one lets the love between the characters develop over time.  This story is about Kate Lachlan, a woman who has been in Boston, going to school and learning how to be a woman.  While trying to go back to her home in the West, she is followed by a suitor who will not take no for an answer.  On her long train trip, she meets Luke Savage, who is trying to find land out West after the War.  Luke was hired to protect Kate, little to Kate's knowledge. Along the trip, after facing many dangers, Kate and Luke realize that they are made for each other and fall in love.

This story contains many humorous points between Kate and Luke.  The romance in the book is realistic.  The scenery is also very realistic.  The details of the mountainsides and the Old Western small towns are excellent.  It is clearly shown that Ms. Glad spent a lot of time researching for this novel.

Overall, this story is excellent.  It's a good, realistic romance between two very independent people.  The title fits the story to a tee.  A must read!

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