ONCE A CAVALIER by Linda O. Johnston 
Time Passage
Jove Ė June 2000
ISBN: 0515128473 Ė Paperback
Paranormal / Time Travel

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.com
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Linda O. Johnstonís skill at writing romances is apparent in her past work. Her ability to write a time travel that can past the mustard of an avid time travel reader is unmistakable in Once a Cavalier. 

Larryn Maeller, as a doctor, has experienced loss and feelings of failure. As we all know, such experiences usually prepare us for future events, but in Larrynís case, itís for one manís past. When she goes to a London Conference, she stays at the Seldrake House. Chloe, who runs the ancestral mansion, seems to know Larryn, and is acting odd. She comes clean with Larryn about her stay at Seldrake House after Larryn follows a ghost to the roof of the mansion. On her second encounter, Larryn follows her new dog into the mist and ends up in 1666, face to face with the Duke of Seldrake. Itís a time of tragedy and danger in England as Larryn is about to find out.

Once a Cavalier isnít your ordinary romance or time travel tale. Itís a compassionate story of a life, loyalty, and perseverance. Ms. Johnston uses strong characters, a descriptively accurate historical past, and the readerís curiosity to keep the reader involved. This one has plenty of everything to keep the pages turning passion, romance, danger, and intrigue; a wonderful experience in an entertaining read.

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