ISBN 073885008X - E-Book
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Rhonda Drummond, MyShelf.Com
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This book is a good one to while away a weekend with, so long as its not in the woods. At least that's what the owner of Peppermint Creek Inn, Sara Clarke, thinks when a handsome stranger shows up on her porch one stormy night. Bloody from a gunshot wound, and lacking his memory, he finds the strength to save her from the elements.

After some healing time, Tom, which is the name Sara gives him, can't save either of them from the heat that's got him on the run, or from the heat between them.  You can find a quick escape to a Canadian summer inn surrounded by cool herbal scents in Jan Springer's fast paced romance.  Just watch your back, because the woods hold secrets, and betrayal hides in them. It's up to you to see how Sara and Tom deal with such mysteries.

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