PRIM COURTESAN by Gloria Harchar
Hard Shell Word Factory - April 2001
ISBN: 0759903220 / 15820003370 e-book/paperback
Regency Romance 

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com

Wyneth Jones traveled to Essex, England to find Viscount Ashford in order to persuade him not to open a coalmine in her valley in Northern Wales. She represents the people who rent his lands there. The people have established a thriving farm community there and offer him 30% of all their proceeds to abandon plans for a mine.

Ashford refuses the money and all other inducements Wyneth offers. The only thing he wants is for Wyneth to become his mistress. Pretending to be a member of the demimonde, she accepts, but refuses her favors unless Ashford comes to Snowden and allows her to introduce him to their way of living.

When he comes to Snowden Wyneth has difficulty juggling her two personalities. It is a constant struggle between the two: she seeking to preserve her virginity and he seeking to bed her. This is an enjoyable romp in Regency England. There is much humor. The dialogue is brisk and filled with double entendre. We are given a picture of the lives of people in the small Welch community. A quick read...

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