PROUD MARI by Kathryn North
Hard Shell Word Factory - 2000
ISBN: 1582005884 - eBook
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, 

Kathryn North's book PROUD MARI deeply touches one's emotions. It's a powerful story which will project the reader into the lives and hardships of her characters. The way she slowly weaves this story into her reader's imagination is truly magical. 

Marigold Adams, owner of Fisherman's Paradise, must come up with enough money to pay off an eight thousand-dollar debt left by her late husband. With the help of her three children and a few close friends, she is determined to establish a plan to acquire the money. She is unprepared for the offer of help from her handsome guest Tom Sobieski.
She is wary of accepting Tom's help because she realizes his stay is short lived.

Tom Sobieski has arrived at Fisherman's Paradise to enjoy a relaxing summer vacation. The resort is the perfect setting to provide him with an isolated and quiet atmosphere. It's just the type of place he needs in order to come to terms with his divorce. He didn't expect to become interested in the widowed owner, Marigold Adams. Now he finds himself trying to solve her financial crisis. 

Kathryn North's tale is very warm and inviting. Her portrayal of a family dealing with life's everyday problems is realistic and written in straight-forward, unadorned language. Mari is a strong and determined character, a wonderful mother who is trying to save the family business. She struggles to give into the emotion which will allow her to accept Tom into her life. Tom, having been hurt in the past, is almost reluctant to start a relationship with Mari. But his warm and caring heart will not allow him to turn his back on Mari in her time of need. This story is so life-like; you will almost believe it took place down the road from where you live.

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