RIDE FOR THE ROSES by Christina Kingston
Jove April 2000
ISBN: 051512785x Paperback
Regency Romance 

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Regina Landry, a widow, finds herself heading home after her brother and his wife are killed in a coaching accident. Once there, she deals with a spiteful cousin who wants her brother's children's inheritance for his gambling debts and is bent on making sure she doesn't get custody of her niece and nephew. She also runs into a handsome man with a mysterious past by the name of Harry Wainwright, the Earl of Taskford. Regina finds herself a willing victim of the Earl's lust and desires. The Earl finds himself the victim of a man seeking fame he perversely thinks he deserves and feels it can only happen when the Earl dead. Desire isn't the only thing Regina and Harry share; their love of horses leads them to a race and a passionate bet. 

Readers can expect to find a wonderful regency full of mystery, humor, and desire in "Ride for the Roses." Christina Kingston has given her readers a romance that will sweep them away to another place and time until they turn the last page. I was impressed with the secondary characters and enjoyed the humor of Harry Wainwright's pals. The out come of the story itself was a pleasant surprise. 

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