ROYAL BRIDE by Joan Wolf
Warner Books - 2001
ISBN: 0446606952 - Paperback
Historical Romance  

Reviewed by Renee Wampler, 
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Prince Augustus has protected his small country of Jura from the blood thirsty Napoleon.  So what does the Prince do to ensure the safety of his country from future invaders?  He decided to take a wife from England to gain an ally for Jura.  Augustus looks to his aunt for choosing the perfect woman to fill the role.   His aunt, Princess Mariana, chooses her granddaughter, Lydia to become his wife.  Lydia is a refined, beautiful lady who would make an ideal princess.  She accepts the proposal but upon meeting the brave handsome prince she finds him to be distant and cold.  She does find attention from his cousin, Franz, who finds Lydia breathtaking.  Franz doesn't mind picking up Augustus's lack of affection for the beautiful lady.  He has a certain degree of jealousy of Prince Augustus. 

Within days of the wedding, Franz and Lydia run off together leaving Augustus to embarrass himself in front of his people.  Desperate to remedy the situation, Charity, Lydia's younger sister, is recruited to take her sister's place.  Charity is a young girl who has always heard tales of the brave warrior prince.  She accepted the offer to keep her family from being disgraced.  Prince Augustus and Charity seem to have a lot in common, but will they find the love they both desire? 

This story takes place in 1815 where it was custom for royalty to marry within the family.  The characters are believable and real. Prince Augustus projects this strong warrior but inside is this kind-hearted, gentle man.  Charity is only a girl but her age doesn't make her fearful of new and exciting challenges. The book helps you relive another era through the different mannerisms, customs, and way of life. 

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